Gyakori kérdések a nyelvvizsgáról

Practice tests

Today, language learners can find exercises in many places and in many forms. In the confusion of abundance, people preparing for a language test often rush to solve a few of them, and then take the test. When they fail to pass, they are disappointed. Then they usually try again for the same exam or try another one with similar results. The reason for failure is often due to preparation.

Step-by-step for a successful exam

  1. Once you have reached the appropriate level of language proficiency, it is recommended that you take a placement test to assess your knowledge and see if you can actually apply what you have learned.

Find more useful information on our webpage at Exam Levels.

  1. Find the right exam for you.

Read this carefully:

Which exam type is right for you?

Language Exam  Types

  1. Prepare specifically for your chosen exam.

If you need help, you should contact experienced language teachers and language schools who are familiar with the requirements, types of tasks and assessments of the language exam you have chosen.

  1. Get the preparation booklet recommended for the type of exam you want to take, by the language examination system providing the exam. You can usually find this on their website.

For telc exams:

These will help you to:

  1. Study the website of the examination system.

A sample test similar to the “live” test is also published here, which is useful to complete. This way, you will not be confronted with the problems for the first time in the exam, but you will be able to solve them routinely.

See the telc sample tests here: https://telc.hu/en/mock-exam/

It is also worth looking at the evaluation of the tests:

  • – Scoring for each tasks
  • – More valuable” answers
Race against time

Check how much time you have to complete the exam, as good time management is essential for success. Once you have enough routine solving the sample tests you should not have any problems at the real exam.

Sample videos

The oral exam is a fearful prospect for many high school students.

  • • Is it your first (language) exam?
  • • Do you not have any idea what to expect?
  • • How does the speaking part look like?
  • • How does an exam with two candidates look like?

To help you prepare, you will find sample videos  showing a live exam situation with oral exercises. Watch them and you’ll be more confident in the exam.

Sample videos of the oral telc exam  can be found here by selecting the appropriate exam level:


6. A nyelvvizsga sikeressége

Find out how many points you need to get in each part of the exam. 60 % of the total scores at least 40%  of every speaking(reading, writing, listening, speaking). Language Elements is not a skill, it only counts in the total score.

More: examination rules

  1. Choosing an exam date

Apply early for the exam.  Expect that you will not only have to wait for the results after the exam, but that it will take additional time for the certificate to be issued.

See the telc exam dates here:


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