Inclusion of persons with special needs

Candidates with special needs should submit their request for preferential treatment at least 32 days before the exam date. If you are blind and would like to take an exam, you should send your request 6 months prior to the exam date.

Send your request to

Medical or other professional certifications, not older than 12 months, are to be attached to the request.

Your request will be handled by the szakmai vezető of the exam center. Feel free to contact him/her if you have any questions. It will be reviewed by the exam center and will be sent to telc gGmbH for approval. After the decision is made, you will be contacted by the exam center.

If we are able to provide you with the requested special conditions, this offer is valid for one specific exam date only. During this scenario, exam papers and additional conditions must be specifically prepared and the test documentation must be appropriately modified.

After approval, the exam location must accommodate the special needs of the examinee.

Applications submitted by people with learning disabilities will be individually assessed by the exam center based on the equal opportunity principle.

People with special needs are those who live with permanent or persistent disabilities (e.g. physical disability); dyslexia; total or partial hearing disability; and permanent or temporarily limited mobility (e.g. broken limb).

a) Extra time (max. double the normal time limit allowed) for certain task types (e.g. in case of dyslexia or dysgraphia)
b) The exam papers are provided in a special format (e.g. larger characters or in Braille)
c) The option to listen to the text multiple times during the listening subtest, or have it read by the teacher/examiner (for those with hearing disabilities)
d) Special conditions during the exam (e.g. the option to sit in the first row for the listening subtest; the option to be the first examinee taking the oral subtest; the option to be assigned to the first floor or have a separate room for people in wheelchair)
e) Individual preferential treatment for examinees having serious speech disorders or serious hearing disabilities
f) The option to be assigned to exam locations that can provide amenities such as full accessibility, personal aid or separate room

In special cases the Language Exam Accreditation Center is consulted.

Except for the above mentioned preferential treatments, the same rules apply for all examinees, including the ones with special needs. We strive to provide the best possible conditions for all of our examinees.
Pursuant to legislation (2) f) 137/2008. R. 8; and XXVI.1998, we provide the best possible conditions and equal opportunities to persons living with disabilities.
All exam locations must consult telc Hungary regarding every single case of special needs request. The telc Hungary Examination Center as a subsidiary of telc gGmbH, Germany must comply with German legislation regarding the equal opportunity principle as well as with pertinent EU legislation.

Frequently asked questions

Pursuant to legislations XXVI.1998 and § (2) f) 137/2008. R. 8, the exam center provides the best possible conditions and equal opportunities for persons living with disabilities. All exam centers must consult telc Hungary following the receipt of special needs requests.

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