November 20, 2021
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October 19, 2021

The european language certificates


One exam, two certificates

Our name is recognized all over the world.

2000 exam center in 26 countries, 50 years of experience, numerous international certifications and awards, and 25000 teacher-examiners will ensure that the telc exam remains recognized and accepted in the international arena of higher education.

Your telc certificate provides convincing proof of your language skills. Indicate in your CV that you received a telc certificate and attach a copy of it for further reference.

Earning the telc international certificate shows that you have real-life language skills, and it also indicates that you  are motivated to learn. These two qualities are among the most important in today’s business world, and they might pave the way to the job of your dreams.  Learning a new language or improving language skills  can help you find your firts job, build a career, or start something entirely new. Lifelong learning keeps opening  doors to exiting new opportunities.

telc - and the world is yours!

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Language tests

Practice tests

Today, language learners can find exercises in many places and in many forms. In the confusion of abundance, people preparing for a language test often …

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About the language exams

Who can receive a certificate?

To receive a certificate, all of the following criteria must be fulfilled: 1) The test taker must achieve a result of at least 60% for …

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About the language exams

Marking Criteria for Writing

How does the assessment occur? The Writing subtest is assessed by licensed telc raters. In the case of disagreement, the marks awarded by the second …

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About the language exams

Marking Criteria for Speaking

Marking is carried out individually during the examination by each of the two examiners. After the test takers have left the room, the examiners reach …

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Recommended books:

5900 HUF 3900 HUF

Prepare with confidence with telc exam-specific exercises designed by telc examiners and teachers! The book is expected to be published in September 2021.

Everything in one book: all the tips, preparation exercises, sample tests, downloadable audio material. Can be used for group and individual learning.

Using the EPM, learners can expand and develop their language skills on CEFR levels B1 and B2.

Einfach weiter! is a newly-developed general language coursebook at the B2 level for adults living in Germany and abroad.

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